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Neuro Global Careers paved by interest in Engineering sector right after graduation. The firms that i was placed in were career progessive and gave me a clear objective in my career pathway.

Ashwind Chantra

man 8

The Six Sigma course organised by Neuro Global Careers gave me competitive skills in being hired. My placement was immediate and all HR matters were negotiated on behalf with a very good working condition in my closed manufacturing sector.

Tan Yoke Yang

Young Student

The placement partners of Neuro Global Careers were of large industry leading organisation. The pathway career projection outline provided by Neuro Global were conscise and rewarding.

Matthew Ashwin

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

It was difficult getting or even establishing a stable platform in the creative arts industry given the lack of opportunity in this sector in Malaysia. Neuro Global Careers industry partners gave me a smooth transition and the creative writing course CPD Programme gave me cutting edge skills in impressing my employers.

Samantha Lee


Coding language was difficult task to learn during my university days, but getting a job in the sector was even harder from the oversupply of labor. Neuro Gloabl Careers even provided variety of firms i would be employed in the next coming 5-7 years in the software engineering industry which really gave me a comfort of signing up with Neuro Global Careers.

Kumar Thiagarajah


My passion was always in the psychological aspect of a human well being rather than the normal medical profession. Neuro Global Career helped me getting a placement with a reputable practitioner in Selangor and even helped established skills to be employed later in future firms in achieving higher promotional chances.


TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials
ching yet.jpg

Upon graduating from University, my major studies were not rampatly available like other courses and i was in unemployment almost for 8 months. Neuro Global Careers placed me with a reputable architectural firm in the construction industry and i performed well thus far with its CPD training courses which were very highly relevant.

Ching Yet

indian girl.jpg

Being a food scientist profession as it may appear so important in todays society which ironically the job opportunities were extremely less. A friend suggested Neuro Global Careers, and after consultation with them, the management mapped out a 5 year career projection plan with their industry partners and now i am in a better place 4 months ago.

Vinothini Dass

cathy lam.jpg

Being in a legal industry and a law graduate, i only thought a lawyer is my future without knowing the competitive specialising thereafter. I left feeling un-competitive with no idea of specialising as a specialised lawyer. Neuro Global Career not only organised construction law events, they also placed me with their leading industry partner in the construction law area.

Cathy Lam

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials
siti aida wati .jpg

Being from a humble background in Johor Bahru, i completed my business studies and was job hoping without a clear direction in the field. Neuro Global Career placed me in a tax consultant firm and gave me a pathway of the employment with very good employers.

Siti Aidawati

christy lee.jpg

My encounter with Neuro Global Career was rather accidental but turned out a great career pathway to me during open career day. Their CPD course in accounting really was insightful and my employment with the industry partner are of good size that gave me a very good learning curve and i look forward with the future placement of Neuro Global Careers.

Christy Lee

alvin yap.jpg

Sales was an easy job to find but a very difficult job to retain especially there were many firms with sales vacancy but no clear goals or infrastructure in selling the products and services. Moreover, there were no training provided. i was in unemployment for almost 3 months and Neuro Global Career placed me in a firm with proper trajectory sales career pathway, and i am ever thankful.

Alvin Yap

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials
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