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Offload as Much as You Can (14th March 2022 - 18th March 2022)


We all can run out of bandwidth at some point in our careers. It is essential to delegate to someone, if the person who you offload, can do the task at least 80% as good as you. Otherwise, you will run out of bandwidth and become a point of failure. Effective offloading is essential for a successful career.

How to offload work?

  1. Let the delegated person know that they can come to you at any time, if they need any help with the task.

  2. Check with them if they are happy to do the task.

  3. Ask them to explain what needs to be done in their own words.

  4. Discuss how to execute the task and establish deliverables or how the final product will look like.

  5. As a final gesture when offloading, tell them that you know that they will do a good job with the task, boosting their confidence.

  6. While the delegated person is executing the task, make sure to follow up & check if they are executing the task properly.

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