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Make your team better than you (28th Feb -4th March 2022)


Make your team better than you.

A good leader needs to empower the team around him, and always guide the team to be self-motivated and self-directed. Leaders should become active mentors and compassionate coaches, be very approachable, and help the team to see the bigger picture.

How to make the team better than its leader?

  1. Guide team members towards outcomes or objectives and let them reach goals on their own, do not micromanage.

  2. Make the team learn from experience, always help them reflect on the experience and let them improve.

  3. Let the team be their own leaders and make the team members accountable and responsible for their own actions and decisions.

  4. Make the team feel a sense of ownership of their domain and self-manage.

  5. Coach the team to become problem solvers, always discuss solutions with the team, instead of problems.

  6. The leader should set high standards for the team and stick with it.

  7. Thrive and influence the team to for continuous improvement, learn new skills and competencies.

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