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Get emotionally involved in the job (31st -4th Feb 2022)

Weekly Neuro Global Careers (#NGC) Job Tips


While a job is something most people regard as a priority in life, some get emotionally involved in it excessively, hardly distinguishing between professional and personal identity. Always be aware of your emotional involvement in the job.

  1. Reflect upon how do you respond to negative news about your job?

  2. Are you ready to move on from your current role? Distinguish between professional and personal role play.

  3. Practice Work-life balance: if you must take work home, make sure it does not affect your relationships. Be responsive to work demands while attending to the needs of your loved ones.

  4. Having a healthy personal life can help you overcome a rough patch in your career. Avoid professional burnout.

  5. Take intentional breaks: Our brains work in performance cycles, which need purposeful breaks.

  6. Let your mind be - help the brain to Intentionally recover. Give yourself some time to de-stimulate.


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