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Building Resilience & Emotional Intelligence (10th - 14th Jan 2022)

Weekly Neuro Global Careers (#NGC) Job Tips


Building Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

Quickly bouncing back from a negative experience is crucial for career success. Building resilience can help to overcome these setbacks and thrive, both personally and professionally. Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which is being people smart, is extremely important in this process of building resilience to face various uncertainties at workplace.

How to build Resilience

  • Believe that tough situations can be managed with your strengths.

  • Covert challenges into opportunities.

  • Develop realistic optimism: maintain achievable goals.

  • Master personal skills / be multi skilled (diversified skillset) / be multi professional

  • Develop self-esteem / self-belief.

How to build Emotional Intelligence?

o Develop Self-awareness: Evaluate strengths and weaknesses, understand personal emotions, what others think of you, behaviors, and know your own personal characteristics.

  • Develop Self-control: manage your actions & emotions in a people-friendly, productive way.

o Develop Empathy: being aware about others’ emotions, needs, skills, preferences, reactions & capabilities.

Utilize self-awareness & empathy to foster better relationships at workplace to be more resilient and quickly bounce back from any setbacks to develop a successful career.

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