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Bring solutions to meetings with your management – Be a problem solver (14th-18th Feb 2022)

Weekly Neuro Global Careers (#NGC) Job Tips


Bring solutions to meetings with your management – be a problem solver.

The workplace is super dynamic, therefore being an adaptive problem solver, bringing solutions to meetings with your management is extremely important for your career.

How to be a problem solver?

1) Ask questions a. Develop situational awareness. b. This is an important step towards "defining the problem"

c. Identify what are you trying to solve?

2) Use critical and creative thinking to break down bigger problems into collective smaller problems.

3) Brainstorm possible solutions.

a. Bring together a team that can help you with the problem(s) b. Discuss the problems

4) Leverage on technology & tools to solve problems. a. Visualize how technology can be useful to generate solutions. b. Technology and tools can also be used to evaluate the best possible solution.

5) Once a Solution is established, systematically present the solution and associated actions plan. a. Use personal experiences, testimonials, analogies & Data to back the solution. b. Make sure even if the team doesn't believe in you, they believe the facts. c. Win the heart and minds of the participants in the meeting by emotionally connecting with participants.

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